Berkshire County - The Movie

Horror movies of this style are used to scare us and provoke strong reactions that a percentage of the population either craves or enjoys. There is a relatively equal sized part of the population that has the opposite reaction and does not want to experience anything like it.

Generally horror movies use psychologically damaged characters as the "bad guy" who is willing to do anything to get his or her way. Usually whilst wielding an axe. In day to day life, we would think of these people as psychopaths and be very wary or afraid of them.

These types of disorders often resist effective treatment. Most people have areas of their psyche that need treatment or assessment, such as addictions - it is a part of being human. This is why counselling, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have so many clients worldwide. For most people, trying to treat and improve themselves is a part of life and proper growth.

Many psychopaths or sociopaths either end up in prison or at the top of their company or sector. Studies show that many CEOs have strong sociopathic tendencies. Their ability to rise to the top is often based on their ability to recognise and harness their sociopathic tendencies and use them as a way to enhance their career or personal situation.